Small business web hostWeb hosting is now becoming a trend nowadays especially to businesses because of the convenience that it brings which is worth all the time and money. Web hosting services are in-demand because of its great help in letting a business be accessed through the World Wide Web and also it helps in making the website get the support that it needs, the speed and reliability which makes it become known to the audience. On the other hand, web host services may vary when it comes to its plans.

Hence, are you searching for a plan that is affordable? On the other hand, would you want a plan that counterparts your business needs? Alternatively, do you want to have a plan that can be paid annually?

Worry no more because at Neo Web Host, we have the plan that suits your needs. We offer a Plan Smallbiz which is perfect especially for small businesses. Web hosting services are not only made for big companies but we also designed them to small business who would want to apply and integrate web hosting in their business which will help them become successful.

Plan Smallbiz

At NEOWEBHOST, you can expect that your needs are provided in different categories of plan. One of our plans is the Plan Smallbiz wherein it allows your website to freely enjoy a lot of perks that cannot be found from others. With us, we ensure that our Plan Smallbiz is worthy of your money and will not put you on the losing side. Neo Web Host guarantees that all the inclusions in the plan, you will be able to enjoy them to your extent.

The Plan Smallbiz is catered to small businesses who would want to make their website be advanced among others.

What to Expect from Plan Smallbiz

  • Enjoy 1GB Disk Space
  • Transfer data with having 10GB
  • Limitless e-mail accounts
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Unrestrained databases
  • Web Statistics
  • PHP 4,5, Perl
  • cPanel

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Economical hostingWith our Plan Smallbiz, your business is put on a high pedestal which can withstand and outshine others. Neo Web Host would like to bring web hosting to small businesses in a fast way and that is by offering a reliable and effective plan that is composed of inclusions that will surely bring success to the business and also make web hosting efficient. With us, your money will be matched by the best plan for small businesses which will make you the best among the rest.

Web hosting is very efficient in every business because it makes all things easy. However, if it is for a business, the web hosting services are often priced expensively. But now, you don’t have anything to be anxious about because Neo Web Host is here.

Here at Neo Web Host, you can find the plan that suits your business well. If you have a small business and would want to integrate web hosting to it, we have the finest plan which matches your business needs. You can avail our Plan Smallbiz for $39 annually.

So what are you waiting for? Grab our Plan Smallbiz at a price which will never give your pockets any burden but only fulfillment.

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