About Us

NEOWEBHOST is a company that is fully dedication in providing our clients stable and trustworthy web hosting services at an affordable cost.

Why stable? We want our clients to experience consistency in our services in order for us to build a harmonious relationship with remarkable trust. Stable web hosting services will ensure our clients that they are being provided with timeless quality and reliable services and together, we will work for the success and realization of all your goals.

Why trustworthy? Trust is one of the most important ingredients in maintaining a smooth and effective flow of business and we want our clients to experience dependable services in order for them to each the success they desire for their businesses. We value the trust that our clients gives us a lot. That is why we offer them the services that are equivalent to the heartwarming trust they give.

Why affordable? We want our clients to experience the highest quality and most reliable web hosting services that are characterized with affordability. We will not let them go for expensive web hosting services for we are here to help them grow their business without worrying about incurring too much expenses during their startups. That way, we can let them continue experiencing the benefits of our affordable web hosting services.

Our expertise in providing our clients more advanced technology with a high commitment towards client success has been a real source by many in creating a strong desire for a successful business. Together with our open-source technology, we provide our clients with efficient cloud and web hosting services that supports entrepreneurs of both small and large businesses.

Our Mission

We are highly dedicated in ensuring that our client’s needs and interests remains as our top priority. So, we will provide them with cost effective and reliable website development services and web designs. Also, we want to obtain shared growth and success for our clients, employees and the organization as whole.

Our Vision

To continuously provide our beloved clients with professional and trustable web hosting services and deliver the most advanced web development services which will also allow them to continuously grow.

Our Core Values

Honest and fair business. We are a highly committed web hosting company that displays transparency in all aspects of the business. What we have promised is what our clients would be getting.

Prioritization. Our clients are our top priority and so, we ensure that their business goals and requirements for great service results would be met.

Innovation. We want to take a lead in providing the whole industry with the newest and more advanced technology.

Teamwork. Together, we will work as one team in order for us to achieve the best for our clients.

Flexibility. We will provide any type of business with the best internet solutions regardless of their requirements. Surely, with our flexibility, we would able to meet all the needs of our clients. Also, we always have something new and better to offer for them.